Jana Weber

I have been working as an independent music therapist for ten years. In addition, I am involved in the training of prospective music therapists and publish reports of my work experience.

Jana Weber & Clive Robbinson Jana Weber & Clive Robbinson

After completing my pedagogic studies (specialization: music) and a study program in psychology, I acquired professional experience in teaching music to students of various ages. In order to explore further the therapeutic potential of music, I eventually went to the U.S.A. to complement my education as a music therapist. Thanks to my work the most diverse groups of clients (children, the elderly, and psychiatric patients) I have acquired a broad range of experience that I am able to rely on in the therapeutic sessions I provide. 

My Certificates

• Dipl. Musiktherapeutin SFMT (Swiss Professional Association of Music Therapists
MT-BC (Music Therapist – board certified USA)
• Ph.D. in Music Pedagogy
• EMR registration (Register of Experienced Medical Specialists)

Language proficiency

German, English, French, Czech


Jana Weber
Weiherstrasse 5
CH - 4800 Zofingen

Tel: +41793237734