Application areas and costs

Children and adolescents particularly benefitting from this therapy:

• emotionally neglected individuals
• individuals with developmental problems (physical/cognitive)
• individuals with autistic withdrawal tendencies

Adults and seniors particularly benefitting from this therapy:

• individuals suffering from anxiety and depression
• individuals suffering from post-traumatic disorders
• schizophrenics
• individuals suffering from dementia and/or requiring psychosocial rehabilitation  
• individuals suffering from burn-out or exhaustion syndrome
• individuals in life and psychological crisis (e.g., due to a loss or separation)
• individuals having communication problems
• individuals having insufficient self-confidence
• individuals with mental disabilities
• individuals having problems with personal development
• individuals requiring preventive treatment and relaxation


If you want to find out whether music therapy is suited for you, I offer one hour-long trial session of music therapy gratis, which many health insurers cover as complementary medical treatment under a supplementary insurance plan.


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